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SIMTELNET Mirror (from BU.EDU) (April 2013)

Published April 2013

Mirror of SIMTEL Network FTP collection from the BU.EDU mirror of prominent FTP sites, captured on April of 2013.

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Identifier simtelnet_bu_mirror_2013_04
Date 2013-04
Mediatype software
Year 2013
Publicdate 2013-04-30 07:14:12
Addeddate 2013-04-30 07:14:12
Language English


Reviewer: DKL3 - - April 6, 2015
Subject: Well...
While it might be a smaller mirror, it definitely has all of the files from And besides, 10.3 gigabytes of old software is guaranteed to entertain people for a long, long time.
Reviewer: mro1337 - - May 25, 2014
Subject: not entire mirror
I'm not so sure this mirror from is an actual up to date mirror; i have seen mirrors with more files. this is just 10gigs
In Collection
The FTP Site Boneyard
Uploaded by
Jason Scott
on 4/30/2013